Trou Noir


Trou Noir, Directed by Tristan Aymon, 2020

When young skater named Vincent meets a vulnerable animal at the bottom of a hole, the encounter will force him to confront his fears of the unknown.


  • Short Film, 29 min

  • Directed by Tristan Aymon


  • Premiere in Locarno Film Festival: Pardi di domani 2020

La leçon


Trou Noir, Directed by Tristan Aymon, 2020

Ludovic, a Sunday motorcyclist, has carefully planned to seduce Axelle in his wooden cabin. Even though she feels attracted, the vivacious young woman is determined not to play along with Ludovic’s well-practiced and well-honed seduction routine.


  • Fiction, 15 min.

  • Directed by Tristan Aymon


  • Locarno, 69. Festival del Film

  • Luzern, Upcoming Filmmakers

    Abilene, USA, 24fps Shortfilm Festival

    Louvain, International shortfilm

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